Los Angeles Femme Fatale

Mistress Feral

Los Angeles Femme Fatale Host

Mistress Feral hails from London, England, where She was very active within the fetish/BDSM scene. In London, She worked for Torture Garden, wrote fetish articles of Her exploits
and helped organize events for londonfetishscene.com, and also ran a successful monthly Femme Domme night club called Subway for three years.  She has been working as a Pro Domina in Los Angeles for the past five years and founded the Los Angeles Power Exchange - a night dedicated to fetish and lifestyle players.  Mistress Feral is best known for Her command of the traditional cane, in both corporal and judicial settings.


Ms. Eden Winter

Los Angeles Femme Fatale Host

Ms. Eden Winter was born to rule men.  With her alluring sexuality and Regal Femininity, She is the classic example of a Femme Fatale.  Born and raised in Los Angeles She enjoys all of what Southern California has to offer.  As a lifestyle and Professional FemDom she also has a strong grip on and commitment to the FemDom/BDSM/Fetish/D/s culture and community.  She co-hosted LAPE with Mistress Feral and looks forward to this new and exciting venture.   

Mistress Shae Flanigan

Head Mistress of The Academy

Mistress Shae Flanigan is descended from a line of insightful and beautiful Women once believed to be Irish Banshees. To some, She is a symbol; to Herself She is a constant evolution. She gives those who seek Her solace through pain. By nature a Dominant Sadist, She takes great joy in watching submissives and masochists work their way though intellectual and physical "hoops" to please Her.  Mistress Shae is a Lifestyle and Professional Domina, RAWW board member and member of the Women's Leather community. It is Her pleasure to open The Academy doors to the Los Angeles Femme Fatale nights, and welcome a lovely series of events with two such delightful Hosts!

For more about Mistress Shae Flanigan, RAWW, The Academy, or The Academy Workshops you may visit
The Academy website at www.TheAcademyLA.com


Ms. Shane

Head of Kinky Security

Ms. Shane has been a member of the bdsm scene for nine years and a Pro since 2008. Trained in several styles of ass kicking, you may see Her circulating the party keeping kinky law and order. Don't let Her smile fool you though, because if you are caught drunk and disorderly you may find yourself in a four point restraint, and you probably won't like it (but then again you might). Ms. Shane is a security guard in her other life.