Los Angeles Femme Fatale

About Los Angeles Femme Fatale

n., pl. femmes fa·tales (fĕm' fə-tăl', -tălz', -täl', -tälz', făm').
  1. A woman of great seductive charm who leads men into compromising or dangerous situations.
  2. An alluring, mysterious woman.

LA Femme Fatale  nights provide for the amusement and pleasure of Dominant and submissive adults, both professionals and lifestyle players. This night is dedicated to safe play between consenting adults with a feminine twist. This is not a night to conduct business, but to relax and spend quality time with like minded people. 

There will be no DJ for this event, just gentle unassuming ambiance music to accompany the dungeon's acoustics.

House slaves will be on hand to serve our guests snacks and refreshments. House slaves wear bright red collars and aprons, making them easy to distinguish.

No alcohol will be served at this event but you may bring your own bottle.

Mistress Feral and Ms. Eden Winter host this event.

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